International Business Development - Company

International Business Development - Company was created to develop business for foreign companies in the NAFTA and South American markets. Our experience and deep understanding of the food industry brings a history of identifying clients, securing business and building long lasting, value-added relationships. We are here to assist foreign companies in response to the need for support in establishing business relationships with various types of distributors, operators, and chains in the Food Service, Convenient Store and Retail Business.

Our business model stands on being the exclusive representatives for the few international companies with real potential in these markets. We find the need and search worldwide for the best products and companies to maximize business. We have a comprehensive knowledge of our principals’ businesses, products and capabilities that enables business consolidation.

These are our three business models:

  • IBD Foods – US Market. Business development of European Companies in the US market.
  • IBD Foods – US Exports. Consolidation and export of US products to Mexico and Latin America from any of our principals or any other US food company.
  • IBD Foods – Mexico Market. Business development in Mexico for our principals in the Food Service or Retail Business markets.